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Project Playground

Engage the imagination!

Play is an important part of a child’s development.
As we plan our upgrade, Pearce 4 Kids will strive to incorporate more ways to engage; through social stories, imagination and sensory pieces!

After serving the school-age children well for 20 years,

It’s time for a playground upgrade.

The goal of our Director Team along with a Steering Committee made up of parent and community volunteers is to have a new playground installed in the spring of 2024.

Play sets us up for success as we grow. A challenging playground can help increase a child’s self-esteem, encourages perseverance when trying something new, increases imaginative play and provides an opportunity to engage socially.

The cost of this investment will be $125,000 which includes demolition, equipment, installation and new surfacing. However, the safety, enjoyment, social, emotional and physical growth of our children is of greater value.

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Playground Needs

Costs will include demo of the current playground, updated equipment, installation, surfacing, and access ramps for easier accessibility.


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